Getting Fit.


I have been working out regularly for about a year. Just doing little things at home like sit-ups and push-ups before moving on to buying weights. Last night I went for a jog. I haven’t run for any length of time since I was forced to run cross-country at school. I walk quite a bit but never took the next step to jogging. I chose to run under cover of darkness as I felt a little self conscious about running in public. I soon felt okay about this anyway as people were just blurs to me (more to do with the fact that I took my glasses off than my speed!)

I only jogged for about 2.5 miles as I didn’t want to push myself too hard the first time around. A quick google search suggests this would have burned around 250 calories. Typing ‘calories burned jogging’ into google however provides thousands of wildly differing opinions, the only constant being that yes, jogging does burn some calories. (Which means I can eat more biscuits, right?) This isn’t really that important to me however as I don’t really have any weight to lose, I’m just trying to be a bit healthier.

I looked at the 
Nike Running Site
 for more information but it is a little confusing. There is also Nike+ which, if I understand correctly involves listening to music play-lists designed specially for running, then recording your achievements on the site. I may well investigate further.

If anyone knows of any other sites which may be useful please feel free to leave a comment!


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