Don’t call it man-flu!


I’ve just recovered from my first Cold/virus of the year and It was typically brutal. Yes brutal. If you’re female then you may believe in something called man-flu which means a cold blown out of all proportion, but this is a common mistake. Lets just say that if you think childbirth is bad, try having man-flu.

Right, now that I’ve offended half of my readership (that’s around 0 people stats fans!) its time to tell you how I experience colds. My colds are similar to my performance in the bedroom i.e messy but mercifully quick. They also tend to go like this:

  • Day 1: Feel okay but a little sniffy.
  • Day 2: Feel like death. Unable to get up. Outwardly appear like an extra in a war film who’s leg has just been blown off. Rummage through the bathroom Cabernet like a drug addict in search of anything to dull the pain. Almost all bodily fluids attempt to leave via the nearest exit. Unable to communicate anything other than “Please…[COUGH]…kill…[SNEEZE]…me”
  • Day 3: Feel okay but a little sniffy.

    3 Responses to “Don’t call it man-flu!”

    1. Oh, man, I hate man-flus. I had one over Christmas break and, of course, the worst of it was was on 12/25. Lucky, huh?

    2. 2 Thomas

      Sounds about right, not only is it unpleasant, its also evil and has a sense of timing!
      I almost certain I actually had Toxic Black Mold Poisoning though. Or Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus at the very least.

    3. Pah – forget those over the counter remeides – neck a fistful of parrots eat em all with a massive glug of whisky.


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