10 great online tools and resources.


1. Pixenate

Pixenate allows you to edit your photos online. Its useful when you don’t have access to photo editing software. I use it when I’m at work so that I don’t have to wait until i get home (where I use Photoshop). It’s quick and easy and doesn’t have lots of ‘advanced features’ which you need to register to use like a lot of other online photo editors. It is simple to use, simply upload your image from your computer, edit it using the menu (see below) which is quite straight-forward. Once you have, for instance, cropped your image and corrected the density, you just download the image back to your computer.

2. Fat fingers

Fat Fingers is a site which helps you to find ebay bargains. Many actions go almost unnoticed because the seller has mistyped the name of the item they are selling. When you type what you are looking for into Fat Fingers it performs a search on ebay for lots of possible misspellings, allowing you to find items others may not have! Less competition = lowers prices.

3. Kwout

Kwout Allows you to grab a screen shot of any website to display on your blog, just like I have here. See the quote of Kwout below! You type in the address of the site you wish to quote, choose an area to show and Kwout outputs the code you need. This is much more straight forward than cutting down a screenshot then hosting it yourself.

4. Flickr color selectr

This site is perhaps more interesting than useful. It allows you to pick a colour (see menu below) then displays images from Flickr which feature predominantly that colour. The images are creative commons licensed so this site is helpful if you are looking for an image to use which will match a particular colour scheme. It is also an interesing way to browse images as you never really know what you are going to find.

Flickr Color Selectr

Flickr Color Selectr via kwout

5. Skreemr

Skreemr searches blogs for free to download or stream mp3s. Simply type in the artist you are looking for and Skreemr presents you with a list of tracks to choose from. There is also an advanced search function but that never seems to work! The site gives you information about the files including the bitrate, this saves you from downloading an mp3 then discovering it is of a poor audio quality. This site is quicker and simpler than searching through sites like Last Fm for streaming tracks because of its simple design and lack of other features.

6. AlbumArt.org

Pretty straight forward this one: like google image search but for album (and DVD) artwork. Better than google image search as it takes you directly to the image.

7. Vector Magic

Vector Magic lets you upload an image from your computer then turn it into a vector. A vector graphic can be re-sized without any loss of quality. As an example, if you blow up a jpeg you can see the pixels and the image becomes distorted but this isn’t a problem with a vector. This tool is also useful to add a cartoon style effect to your images or avatars.

8. Remember the milk

Disorganized? forever writing lists then misplacing them? You need Remember The Milk! (do I sound like an infomercial yet?!) It lets you set reminders and create to-do-lists which you can access from anywhere (again this tool is useful for those of us who work at a computer). You can also use RTM offline and it will update when you reconnect.

9. Dynamic drive

Dynamic Drive has hundreds of free DHTML scripts to liven-up your website! They describe DHTML as ‘an advanced form of JavaScript.’ In practice this means you can add floating menus, thumbnail viewers and other such widgets to your site. You can even make it look like it’s snowing on your site, which is useful if you are trying to create the worlds most annoying webpage.

10. Money saving expert

A mine of information on Mortgages, car insurance store cards and stoozing (earning interest on money borrowed on interest free credit card deals). This site is worth visiting before making any kind of important financial decision to find out the truth behind all the jargon banks and large companies try to bewilder us with. Also worth a mention is the forum as some of the people who post actually work for the companies being discussed which means you can find out the best offers you might not be offered (if that makes any sense).


4 Responses to “10 great online tools and resources.”

  1. Thumbs up for a very useful list there Thomas 🙂

  2. 2 Thomas


  3. thanks for the information..i’ve checked out some.. very good.

  1. 1 javascript ebay free

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