Cheap Broadband.


I moved in to my new flat several months ago now and I’m starting to suffer from Internet withdrawal. I have an Internet connection at work but have yet to get one set up at home. I’ve been doing some research into the best providers, aiming to get a good balance between cheap prices and reliable service – the holy grail of home broadband!

At first I was tempted to go with TalkTalk as they offer up to 8meg with a 40gb usage allowance for only £16.39 a month including line rental, this seems to good to be true and I think it is! A quick google search for ‘Talk Talk broadband problems’ turns up this BBC article about the amount of problems people have been getting and the lack of adequate support available.

Several Mobile phone operators offer money off their broadband prices for their pay monthly customers. I am still on pay-as-you-go as I mostly just use my phone to text, but my girlfriend has an O2 contract so that may well be the way forward. I am also considering using Bt as they seem to offer cheap broadband.

As well as the financial cost I have been reading about broadband speed. I like to download a lot of music, so a fast (and reliable) connection is important to me. I used Bt’s Broadband Speed Test which seems to suggest I can only receive speeds of up to 1mbps, which doesn’t sound too good!

Does anybody have any advice on broadband providers? Any good or bad experiences to report?


3 Responses to “Cheap Broadband.”

  1. 1 Smudgey

    Yes — feedback on Talk Talk is not good. Most people seem happy with Tiscali which currently has a cheap starting offer, but it does impose caps without warning. If is is available in your area, gets a lot of praise and is cheap(and generous on the limits).

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