Guys with Feelings, The world’s best Podcast


I’m here today to talk to you about Podcasts. If you’re reading this then I’m going to guess you know what a Podcast is (or at least how to type ‘podcast’ into Wikipedia). Anyway this post isn’t about podcasts in general its about the best Podcast ever: Guys With Feelings. You may well have the same reaction I did when I first heard the name so try to read it again, this time with a slight hint of irony.

Guys With Feelings

The show benefits from the general nature of Podcasts, it is unprofessional, direct and dynamic. You never know what is going to happen but you can guarantee it will be hilarious. This is how it all came about:

“In January 2006, in response to a major freak-out over his first son being born, Jason Nash created the podcast “Guys With Feelings” with his best friend Jeff Bumgarner. Now, instead of standing around bitching about their wives and babies in private, they’re doing it with really shitty audio equipment and putting it up free on the inter-web.”

The show has a very unguarded feel to it, it is just funny people talking about their lives and whatever else comes up in conversation. As well as the two main hosts Jason and Jeff there is a host of other people involved including

  • technical master/host Pete.
  • Recovering Coke fiend Toph AKA ‘Dry-times’
  • Superfan turned integral part of the show PinkHamster
  • Comedy genius and star of ‘Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde’ Matt Price
  • Raving lunatic Dugan
  • Girl-with-feelings Jen Kirkman

Todd Levin Of puts it well:
“I listen. All the time. And I do so with a very specific personal investment I’m sure many of its listeners share, which is imagining these people are all my friends, squeezed into a restaurant booth with me, and having a loud, animated conversation while I just quietly listen and agree and eat french fries. It’s actually a bit awkward for me to admit this.”

I discovered Guys With Feelings (or GWF) about six months ago and I am now fully addicted. I cannot go a week without a show and feel like I have a kind of personal connection to the guys. I understand that that sounds weired but when you spend hours listening to someone you really feel like you know them. I listened to the entire archives (the show has been going for two years now). The archives are now part of GWF All Access which is a section of the site which you must pay to view. This is a recent development which was very well received by the fans due to the fact that the guys had been producing the show for two years with no profit at all. The main show remains free, the All Access area just provides extra content.

Check out this clip of the guys at the Comedy Central Stage

If you have iTunes, you can subscribe by clicking here.

Or download an episode from the Archives.


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