‘Supermarket’ Tattoo Blunder.


‘Supermarket’ Tattoo Blunder.

Joanne Raine was very much In love with her boyfriend ‘Roo’ and wanted to express that love to him. She didn’t buy him a present however or cook him a nice meal, she got a tattoo. There are three rules to remember if you plan on getting a tattoo


Don’t get someones name.

Don’t have a tattoo written in a language you don’t understand.

Don’t get the name of a band, because every band turns rubbish or reunites when they are 60+ for the cash.

As you can see Joanne ignored the rules. It was only once she showed the guys behind the counter at here local Chinese takeaway her new ink that she found out that it didn’t say’Roo’ but ‘supermarket’.

Even that was incorrect as Kanji (the Chinese characters that make up part of the modern Japanese logographic writing system) form whole words rather than letters.

“I did it because I wanted to show him how much I loved him and he had one done as well.”

Perhaps she was lucky that the tattoo doesn’t actually say anything, she has since split up with her boyfriend and can’t afford to get the tat covered up.


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13 Responses to “‘Supermarket’ Tattoo Blunder.”

  1. 1 oxymoron33

    That is too funny. Like the tag “idiot”.

  2. Killer – reminds me of seeing a dimwit with shaved head trying to get served in a pub – he had his date of birth tattooed on the back of his neck clearly displaying he was under age – what a plonker.

    Oh and before I go can we assume that “roo” hopped it?

  3. I have a kanji tattoo too…I made sure that I got it translated by someone before it was tattooed…but now she can say her favorite thing is the supermarket!

  4. 4 alexi

    qisiera saber como sakaste las letras por q meq ro aser un tatu kn el nombre
    de mi ermana

  5. 5 Ash

    Do you know that if you ask for them to put one thing on you even in another language and they place something else you can sue them for it. They are sposed to tell you what the Kanji means before you get it to avoid getting the wrong meaning or something other than you asked for. I suggest talking to a lawer about it cause you can have them pay for removing or cover said tattoo up.


    cheers for the tag IDIOT :O , PMSL!!!!…….. found out is doesnt say supermarket….

    chow for now lmao!!

  7. Haha, sorry I called you an idiot, what does it say?

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