The 5 best music videos of the year so far.


I was planning on making a list of the best music videos of 2007, but its time to look forward to the future people. Or at least the recent past!

2008 seemed pretty futuristic when I was growing up, I figured we would be zooming around on hover-boards in silver suits eating pills for food. I never will forgive television for raising my hopes so high only for them to be dashed against the rocks of disappointment, or something.

One thing I never thought about was that one day we would be able to watch videos online, which might explain why I’m blogging right now not being paid to theorise about the future.

Maybe these audio-visual treats will help you (and me) to overcome the disappointment that is living in the future.

1. Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

Hot Chip have a knack for great videos. Lots of bright colors and geeks dancing, what more could you want?

2. Boris – Statement

Perhaps not the most exciting video ever but the song is great. Experimental Japanese Doom anyone? For the epic album Smile.

3. Art Brut – Pump Up The Volume

Art Brut have always been pretty ‘meta’ and tongue-in-cheek (their first single was called ‘[We] Formed A Band’) so I’m going to assume this wasn’t really filmed for an Australian television station. EMI didn’t actually tell the band they were releasing this single, which seems a little bit rude.

4. Kanye West – Flashing Lights

We all know that Kanye throws a hissy fit if his videos don’t receive enough attention so I’ve put this one in at number 1. If you find rappers being killed with shovels by women in fancy lingerie offensive, don’t watch this (sorry, that might have given away the plot a bit).

5. MGMT – Time To Pretend

This video is amazing, if somewhat un-embedable. As The Complete Sound points out, ” Record labels seem to have forgotten that videos are PROMOTIONAL material”. Below is a link to the hi-res version. Click if you like flying dolphins, tribal themes and really low quality effects. This is my favourite song of the year so far, by far.

Quicktime Link.


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