Another Tattoo blunder


About a month ago a wrote a blog post about Joanne Raine, a girl from Darlington who ended up regretting her tattoo. Well now another tale of regret and ink has emerged.

Alan Jenkins decided to express his love for his family in the tradional way, a tattoo covering the whole of his back.


Alan spent 20 hours under the needle at a cost of £870. As you can guess things went downhill from there. The tattoo isn’t actually that bad. The drawings of his daughters Daniella and Jade, and his wife Lisa look quite like them. This is a minor miracle as normally tattoos of peoples faces look horrible.

The problems occured when Alans wife of 15 years ran off with a 25 year old Latvian fittness instructor Kaspars Gavars. Alan remains positve despite his cheating wife’s face following him everywhere he goes, saying

“I’ve still got plenty of room on my chest if I get hooked up again.”

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6 Responses to “Another Tattoo blunder”

  1. Poor sod – not only has his missus dumped him but his colostomy bag looks in need of emptying.

  2. 2 greeras

    I would never , ever get a tattoo that big! What was he thinking? Everlasting love?

  3. i can’t belive that he had a big tattoo on his back this is a qusetions. will you see your children ever ??? do you see them all the time ??? are you hoping that your ex is going to split up with the other man ??? do you wish lisa never cheated on you ??? i think i know you alan your name is will

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