Ashley Dupre, millionaire?


Ashley Dupre, millionaire?

Governor Eliot Spitzer’s call girl Ashley Dupre (aka Kristen) is set to make thousands of dollars following her name being revealed on Thursday. Whilst Spitzer has resigned, saying “I go forward with the belief, as others have said, that as human beings our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” Quite how he can rise from this is anyone’s guess.

ashley dupre

As The Complete Sound noted Dupre has left her Myspace profile up and her song has been played 2640261 times. The song is available to buy at Amie Street although most people are probably just listening out of curiosity.

New York Magazine says that Ashley Dupre may be featured in Playboy or Penthouse. Diane Silberstein of Penthouse has said that they will offer her a fee of “six figures.” It seems like Dupre is the only winner is all of this, but will her fame last? America seems more than willing to accept people into pop culture who are only famous for their indiscretions (hello Paris!) so she may well be able to capitalize or her fame. I bet she will be a millionaire by this time next year.
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6 Responses to “Ashley Dupre, millionaire?”

  1. i bet she’s already a millionaire!

  2. 2 diana

    she is disgusting. let’s all hope she does not rise any higher to fame than as of now in her 15 minutes. is this what we really want to look up to?? a disgusting girl who sells herself. let’s take a minute and remember it’s not just a face, this is a girl who disrespects herself, by letting hundreds of men inside of her. that is disgusting and she is a monster. why isn’t she getting in trouble…prostitution is illegal.

  3. 3 cathy

    she can’t help that she’s so pretty! I wish I was as pretty as she is.

  4. 4 David D

    People she’s already a millionare she’s sitting on it.

  5. 5 Roland

    More power to her; these lying disgusting JOHNS we have in office get everything they go after. It doesn’t matter what it takes to get it, or who they sell themselves to do whatever they ask in return lobbyist or pork belly spending just screw (we the people)!!!! That the way they do business.

    I say go Ashley yes your very pretty , but that just a job requirement for you , and one that anyone who looks at you should be able to enjoy. But I don’t think that lying is a job requirement for our elected officials. So I say screw them get yours too, I think you have a better handle of what’s required to do your job than they do theirs. Go Girl. Don’t let anybody get you down in spirit or mind or body it’s your choice

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