number of horns on a unicorn


Ever wondered how many horns are on a unicorn? If so you are not alone, the phrase ‘number of horns on a unicorn’ is the 93rd most popular search term in google today. Whist looking on I was shocked to see this question in amongst the names of recently disgraced authority figures and female celebrities who have trouble keeping on their clothes.


It turns out that this is the latest google trick, type the phrase into google and it will give you the answer along with the search results. For a similar trick try typing ‘french military victories’ in and press ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

For those of you still wondering what the answer is, here is a clue: unicorn.

Search ‘number of horns on a unicorn’ on google.

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3 Responses to “number of horns on a unicorn”


    u are retarted

  2. 2 Rachel

    french military victories isn’t a google egg. It’s just the first result that comes up.

  3. kind of lame, but hey we all need amusement

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