On stats, search terms and Unicorns


As the more observant amongst you may have guessed, my previous two blog posts were attempts at getting my blog a bit more love from search engines. Both the posts, whilst hopefully interesting, were based on high ranking search terms found via Google Trends. I’ve noticed that a lot of my visits come from search engines although a great deal come directly from WordPress.

The post about ‘Ashley Dupre‘ came up 14th for that search term in google a short while after its publication. This was the highest ranking search term over the weekend and netted me 1870 hits on Saturday alone. This blog gets on an average between 20-100 hits a day although a few of my posts have really taken off. When I logged in to my account on Saturday I was a little confused at the ‘blog stats’ graph, it took a while for me to work out what was going on. I don’t expect to match that number of hits again any time soon.

The next post was aimed at the 93rd most popular search term yesterday ‘number of horns on a unicorn‘. This may have been a little silly however as the Googlehack/easter egg is revealed in the search which kind of negates the usefulness of the blog post. My blog was 11th for this term yesterday (second page) and is 4th at the moment. I got 132 hits to that post yesterday, although most were via reddit.

I don’t actually benefit from increased traffic as I have no ads or services to sell but it’s nice to see that people are actually reading my blog and it’s nice to get comments!
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