Moving House


I’m on the lookout for a new flat, if anybody knows of an open-plan loft space (1000+ square feet) available for under £100 a month let me know. Failing that I would settle for somewhere without idiotic neighbours with enough space to swing a cat. No need to inform p.e.t.a, it’s a metaphorical cat, we call him Schrödinger and he’s very happy in his box (or is he?).

We have been in our current flat for 6 months which is just enough time to get settled. My girlfriend has decided we need somewhere with a garden for the summer months and I know better than to argue. Unfortunately we now need to make the flat look presentable so that the estate agents can bring people around to see it. I hope they will be impressed with my d.i.y skills in the bathroom, I had to gaffa-tape the showerhead to the wall because I am over 4ft tall unlike whoever installed the shower.

One of the flats we have looked at had a conservatory and a driveway both of which are things I have missed since I left home. Hopefully we can find somewhere within the next month otherwise I will have to blog about life on the streets from the computer at the library.

Open plan flat


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