I need a new car.


My car died on Saturday night. My car often dies temporarily but this time it ground to a halt and refused to turn on again. The weather was appalling, very heavy rain and strong winds. As I drove on the dual-carriageway visibility dropped to about 1 foot, in the sense that I could not see out of my windscreen due to the sheer amount of water. My windscreen wipers just couldn’t shift the water as fast as it was coming. A combination of this and the high winds meant that I was blown around all over the place unable to see where I was going.

When I made it into the small lanes near my destination I though I was past the worst of it. The lanes around here are only wide enough for two cars to pass in certain places and they are very twisty. Unfortunately I hit a huge puddle which sprayed water up into my engine. My car gave up and I managed to coast it near enough to somebody’s driveway to get out and push it in, out of the way of oncoming traffic.

Growing up around Dartmoor I was aware of lots of ghost stories involving people stranded in the lanes on a dark and stormy night. I remembered a few of these as I approached the (rather run-down looking) house whose driveway now contained a rather soggy Vauxhall Nova. I turns out the lady in the house was a fan of these tales also as she refused to answer the door. I could see her looking out of the window but she had no desire to see who I was. This was probably a wise move as there is an open prison nearby and I do have ‘LOVE’ and ‘HAT’ tattooed on my knuckles (I lost a finger in a bar fight).

To cut a long story short, I abandoned the car, got picked up and went out on to the pub to drown my sorrows. Luckily one of the people I was meeting is a mechanic and was nice enough to get up early the next morning to tow my car down the lanes to get it going. Thank god for Landrovers! Anyway I think I will get a car like this next, assuming my bet on the Grand National pays off.

Concept Car
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One Response to “I need a new car.”

  1. 1 Middle Man

    Really enjoyed your post a) because I have been in the same situation on Dartmoor and b) because I believe in the ghosts:


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