Tesco Finest Espresso: Worst Coffee Ever?


Tesco Finest Espresso: A Review.

This ‘Espresso’ is far from fine. In fact I think It might be the worst coffee ever.

I should preface this by saying that I understand that by paying very little money (compared to other coffees) for pre-ground coffee made by a supermarket I was never going to get an amazing cup. I did however expect to get something drinkable. I normally buy Illy pre-ground which is vacuum sealed and, I think, about as good as you can get without buying beans and grinding them yourself. (Note for coffee nerds: I know I should grind at home, point me in the direction of an affordable grinder please!)

I thought I would try Tesco’s ‘Finest’ Espresso as it is much cheaper then most other espressos (but not the cheapest). Unfortunatly the beans were ground to a fine dust which my Espresso machine was unable to deal with. Every other coffee I have used has producted a shot (of varing quality) in about 20 seconds with no problem. The Tesco coffee took about 2 minutes of splutering. I think this is beacuse the grind is so fine that the water is unable to pass through. The resulting shot was disgusting. I was about 40% powdered coffee and 60% bitter undrinkable water.

The packet said ‘suitable for all coffee makers’ but had instructions for using a cafetière (French press). Who the hell makes Espresso in a cafetière?! Wikipedia has a useful definition:

Espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing very hot (but not boiling) water under high pressure through coffee that has been ground to a consistency between extremely fine and powder.

Illustration by Lokesh Dhakar.

That’s not possible with a cafetière is it? I tried using the coffee to make a regular cup in my cafetière in the hope that I could use it to make regular coffee with it but even this was completely undrinkable. It was bitter, burnt tasting and had none of the complex coffee flavours you might expect.

I will complain to Tesco and update here if they get back to me.


2 Responses to “Tesco Finest Espresso: Worst Coffee Ever?”

  1. 1 muddy2007

    Serves you right for being so thrifty!

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