5 great online articles you should actually read.


5 great online articles you should actually read.

If you are like me you probably skim through blogs and online newspapers on a regular basis but never actually set aside time to read longer articles. I often start reading something then get a bit distracted (by the work I should be doing in the first place) and bookmark the page to read later. Recently I have started using Instapaper which is a very hand service which allows you to easily bookmark articles in a newspaper format. The service, from Marco Arment (of Tumblr fame) lets you put a button on your toolbar which says ‘read later’. If you click on this whilst on a page a copy is saved on your personal Instapaper homepage.

Anyway here are 5 great articles which I have found the time to read and really enjoyed.

Chicago House and the democratization of music production

by Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen, PhD-student at the Department of Musicology, University of Oslo

Face Blind

By Joshua Davis From Wired Magazine

Can The Cellphone Help End Global Poverty

By Sara Corbett From The New York Times

Up And Then Down, The Lives Of Elevators

By Nick Paumgarten From The New Yorker

Why We Love

By Jeffrey Kluger From Time


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