Idiot of the week: Giles Coren


Idiot of the week: Giles Coren

*for Giles’s latest controversy read my latest post about his email rant to The Times newspaper*

Finding an idiot on the internet is never hard work. This weeks idiot is Giles Coren was probably acting up for the publicity but I couldn’t resist. I shouldn’t really encourage such blatant attention seeking but then again this is a blog and as such I have a duty to be outraged and ill informed.

Coren has written an article for The Times attacking that great British institution which is a satisfying if deadly part of our culture. No not the BBC, the fry up! To be honest whist I enjoy the occasional greasy breakfast I would eat one regularly as they are clearly very unhealthy. I would much rather have the traditional French breakfast because I’m a traitor. I also don’t agree with not changing things because they are traditional. I would place more emphasis on our culture being dynamic and open minded towards positive changes rather than having the view that we should stick with old fashioned notions of Britishness. Old fashioned notions of Britishness seem to include being mildly racist and a bit sexist.

Anyway all of this has nothing to do with breakfasts or pretending to be outraged for the sake of a good story. Over educated foodie Coren (who describes his income as ‘$250,000 and Higher’ on his Myspace page [edit-Giles emailed to say that the Myspace page was actually created by an imposter.]) says two things in his article of note amongst lots of talk about dehydration and excessive salt. Firstly

You never see a person with a degree eating a fry-up, do you? Certainly not someone with a 2:1 or better in a humanities subject from a university founded before the invention of the iPod.

I would disagree with this, I have a 2:1 degree in a humanities subject and I have been known to eat a fry up. Then again I don’t have a First in English from Oxford like Giles. He also says

The fried English breakfast was conceived during the Industrial Revolution as a form of fast fuel for a working class that actually worked…But you don’t burn 3,000 calories driving a forklift truck, or answering the phone at Argos, or fiddling your disability benefit.

That well know working class occupation, cheating the social! I would pay good money to see Giles fight 3 overweight truckers in a match to decide what should be called the Great Bristish Breakfast. It would be a good match as long as the fat truckers didn’t have heart attacks.

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13 Responses to “Idiot of the week: Giles Coren”

  1. 1 labourboy

    Hey! Well done on the post!

    I wrote an almost identical post – check it out. Glad I’m not the only one who saw this.

  2. 2 giles coren

    i don’t have a myspace page. that’s some weirdo pretending to be me

  3. 3 labourboy

    THE Giles Coren? You’ll be glad to know I posted another blog post about you – taking money to review tinned baked beans for The Sun! Will the hypocrisy never end! 🙂

  4. 4 Matthew Hayden

    Food reviewing is his job! If you don’t like it, don’t read it!
    In exactly the same way; I don’t like this so won’t read it again in future! See? Freedom!

  5. O.K, bye!

  6. 6 silvvabug

    Oh Kermon!! You get to read a blog with two tasty photos… the Giles himself and a tasty bit of tucker. What more is wanted..? The point is – he is making a point. A social point. A foody point. A ‘he has got us talking’ point. You can’t knock it. And taking money to review baked beans..? Now THAT is an educated man. True genius! :o)

    Long live Giles Coren.

  7. 7 HD

    Although it pains me to disagree with the gorgeous Mr Coren (whom I have long imagined I would one day marry), I came down from Oxford with a first in law and I LOVE a fry up!

  8. wow, the ladies love Mr Coren. Half the hits on this post are from people searching for ‘Giles Coren Girlfriend’!

  9. 9 simon

    This horrid little man has only got where he is because of who his father was.

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