Moving House (update)


Further to this post, I’m still struggling to find somewhere to live. We move out on Saturday and have yet to find anywhere suitable to go. The plan so far in to move back in with my girlfriend’s parents for a week then my parents for a week until we find somewhere.

The estate agent turned up at 9am on Saturday (without calling us first) and tried to open the front door. Luckily he rang the door bell first so I guessed he wasn’t a burglar, although these days I tend to think of letting agents and burglars in the same way as they (£350 to hand over a key?!). I told him to come back a bit later when we I had a chance to get dressed and tidy up. He vanished in a cloud of green smoke and decided against calling the prospective tenants who all turned up and rang the bell as well. In the end we let some of them in and showed them the flat. I’m thinking of billing the estate agents for our time as we did a much better job than their representative.

We looked at a few nice flats last week which had either conservatories, patios or gardens. It would be nice to have some outside space during the summer months just in case we actually get a summer this year. Sitting outside in the sun somehow seems better than look at it through the windows. We tend to keep the windows closed a lot of the time as well as the double glazing keeps out the road noise. Even a balcony would do as I don’t really like the idea of living on the ground floor.


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