The house of the future.


Do you remember when the year 2008 seemed like the future? Not the future in the sense of something yet to happen but the future in that everything would be different and exciting? Watching Tomorrow’s World as a young boy it seemed like by 2008 we would be zipping around on hoverboards, in strange Lycra suits whist robots did all the work. It never occurred to me that 2008 wasn’t that far away (maths was never my strong point). What most people who create visions of the future seem to forget is that very little changes. Sure we all take things like the Internet, mobile phones and for granted and they have totally changed the way we live, but things still look pretty much the same.

People often predict how ‘The house of the future’ would look. In the 50’s and 60’s illustrations would show a man arriving home from work (on some kind of space craft) to find his wife cooking dinner with the help of some robots. It seems strange that these illustrations never seemed to predict that women would be able to work in the future (shock horror!)

It is possible to live in an approximation of one of these homes of the future now, and god knows I would if I could afford it. I can picture myself surrounded by robotic vacuum cleaners, in a oxygen helmet looking something up on my portable Internet Tablet whilst my girlfriend prepares me some space food with the help of a robot. Except robots are that useful yet except for entertainment purposes. Dyson have started to produced a Robotic vacuum cleaners so we are one step closer to the magical future I was promised.

I have looked at the Dyson Spares page there doesn’t seem to be any arms to attach to these things so It may be a while before it is able to cook dinner.


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