33 Responses to “New Starbucks Logo”

  1. I always thought the green logo version was slightly more “risque” because the mermaid looked more like a “she.” The brown logo looks like a pirate to me…holding stalks of a mutant pineapple.

  2. 2 justaddh2o

    Sometimes a banana is just a banana! If the entire human race’s soul, spirituallity, or
    unconditional belief in God is fully develop (irregardless of one’s religious background) we
    wouldn’t even look at an object without any malice thoughts. Unfortunately, we all still very
    spiritually immature and our souls can’t evolve because we can’t get past our ego.

  3. 3 Thomas

    [Original comment removed]

  4. 4 justaddh2o

    I deeply apologize to everyone “with any malice thoughts.” was more of the correct way of
    saying it? But my point is it’s just a mermaid LOGO and they are whining over a ‘mythical’ character.

  5. 5 calrose

    “…features a topless mermaid with her legs spread”,
    mermaids dont have legs. come on now.

  6. 6 Thomas

    Sorry Justaddh2o I didn’t see the connection between your comment and the post (I get it now) so I assumed it was some kind of spam. I thought I was being rude to a spammer not a real person!
    I see your point. However we don’t need unconditional belief in God not to see an object without any malice, just a clear mind.

  7. 7 justaddh2o

    Thanks Thomas…i’m glad we got that clear…now can we go to Starbucks?!!!

  8. 8 esanders09

    I wish I had so few real problems in my life that I could play overly worried morality police for the rest of the world and complain about stuff like a mermaid on a coffee companies logo.

  9. I prefer the green one. The brown is so… BROWN!

  10. And this too, shall pass.

  11. 11 starsun

    hey, is that the newest one or oldest logo?

    I see from this:

  12. Hey Starsun. The way I understood it is that they are bringing back the old logo temporarily. The second article posted on that thread you linked to is correct but it was written in 2005 before they reintroduced the brown logo.

  13. 13 Milton Crow

    Outrageous! That’s almost as obscene as a 15-year-old exposing her back.

  14. 14 olo JAMES

    Starbuck has lost one customer, because I will never drink a mermaid coffee which the company now serving. I urge all Christians to abandon the coffee giant to protest against such logo that appeal against our faith. The management of starbuck wants to use the logo to initiate people into the demonic world which they belong.

  15. Starbucks will be a much cooler place to hang out now without all those boring, uptight, IQ lowering Christians hanging about in them. Good for you Mr Starbuck.

  16. 16 coplanarity

    maybe the creator of the logo just want to be artistic. theres nothing wrong about using a topless logo. its an art. It just reminds us of greek and roman statues..

  17. 17 digdeep

    By looking closely at the previous logo, two split tails are visible. If the full view of Miss Mermaid were shown we could all see that she was holding two misbehaving offspring by their tails to give them a good shake. Any children’s rights activists out there with nothing to do?

  18. 18 Mark

    OMG. Get real. Harmless

  19. All the mermaids I’ve seen in the wild have been topless. And her breasts aren’t human breasts anyway, they are mermaid breasts. So it’s way different.

  20. 20 Wayne Ryerson

    This is why religious fanatics screw up the world, first you should just mind your own business, if you cannot than go out and actually help someone’s life, and I mean after they are born, you people are alls o insistent on someone being born but you could care less what happens to them after they are. Stop worrying weather someone swears or a mermaid is naked on a cup and go do some good, or shut the – – – – up.

  21. 21 Jim

    I think that the Old logo is a better design than the new. The older design is cleaner and larger. The new logo is uglier and smaller.

  22. 22 Lu Johnson


    This issue is being blown out of all reasonable proportion!

    When people put aside reason and common sense, the mermaids always take the brunt of it.

    Reminds me of the old Proctor and Gamble logo debacle and subsequent attempted boycott. I am convinced that there is nothing more annoying than a ‘religious’ believer. Personally, I think ‘religious’ is the leaven that Jesus warned us about repeatedly.

  23. 23 Alana

    While I agree that the coffee company should NOT have exposed breasts, mythological or not, on their cups (what is the relationship between coffee and mermaids, in general??)- I don’t think it’s a Christian issue: It’s a human one. But there aren’t many non-Christians who are looking out for our general moral well-being, now are there?
    Soccer moms shouldn’t have to explain to their kids about mermaid breasts – it’s just uncalled for. You have to ask, what is the point – do they want to entice people, titillate them or just be ‘realistic’ to this fictional character? None of those pass muster with me, especially the titillating because, and is it just me?, that mermaid is HIDEOUS. And with the twin fins she just looks like a mutant.

  24. Alana, breasts are natural and will not corrupt your kids. Chill out.

  25. 25 Stay away from Starbucks

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