How to improve your energy performance certificate rating.


How to improve your EPC rating.

If you are planning to sell your house any time soon you will need to have an EPC (energy performance rating) certificate. This is a part of a HIP (home information pack) which is now compulsory for the sale of all flats or houses. Each house submitted is given a rating between A and G. Houses which receive an A rating are considered to be the most energy efficient and will in term have the lowest energy bills.

All this means that, in order to make your house more enticing to potential buyers you need to aim to receive an A rating. So how can you prepare for the Energy Assessor’s visit? There are 9 elements which are each given an individual rating acording to their energy efficiency and their environmental impact. They are:

  1. Walls
  2. Roof
  3. Floor
  4. Windows
  5. Main heating
  6. Main heating controls
  7. Secondary heating
  8. Hot water
  9. Lighting

A measure is often given on the EPC detailing how improvements can be made. These are split into Lower cost measures (under £500) and higher cost measures (over £500). There are several measures you can undertake before your assessment however. Some of these are straight forward and some require more work (or money). These measures are worth considering if you have just moved into your house and plan to refurbish it. It makes good financial sense to bear these things in mind at this stage. If you are tempted to save money in the short term by ignoring the recommendations remember that they will save you money in the long run. Energy efficiency means cheaper energy bills after all. You will also be able to sell your house at a higher asking price if you have a good energy rating. There are some straight forward things you can do to improve your energy efficiency rating.

  • The easiest thing to change is your lighting. Replace all of your electricity guzzling lightbulbs with energy saving ones if you haven’t done so already.
  • Insulate your hot-water cylinder. The Energy Saving Trust says “Fitting a British Standard ‘jacket’ around your cylinder will cut heat loss by over 75%.”
  • Install loft insulation. This is quite a simple job with the potential for great savings. We all know heat rises so it makes sense to prevent all that expensive heat from disappearing out this way.

There are other ways to improve your rating which are less simple but equally worth considering.

  • Use a cheaper, more efficient method of creating heat or electricity. A wood burning stove, for example, can make a great centre piece for a room and is a great source of heat. Solar panels are a useful way of reducing your electricity bill and, contrary to popular opinion, work all year round (even in the UK!). Solar hot water panels can also be used.
  • Install double glazing. Anglian Home Improvements says that it’s double glazing doors windows and conservatories are all ‘C’ rated as standard. They also sell White Knight windows which have an A efficiency rating.
  • Cavity wall insulation can help to keep your energy bills low. More information can be found on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.
  • Use heating controls to make sure you only ever use as much heat as is necessary. Heating controls include timers and thermostats and can be fitted by your local tradesmen.

If you follow these suggestions you may be able to get the much sought after A rating. Good luck!


6 Responses to “How to improve your energy performance certificate rating.”

  1. 1 Shane

    Yes EPC is becoming important to all real estate functioning…
    So its important to have the Energy Performance Certificate…

  2. 2 Shane

    Epc should be maintained….

  3. Very useful information. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Wonderful internet site / hope to come back again!!

  5. 5 steve

    well explained in simple terms just built house according to saps should be a c surveyor has just given it an e not happy i may aswell not bothered with 1oomm floor ins 75mm wall ins 250mm loft ins third of lighting low e boiler 9.1 sedbut how can you work out an e ?

  6. Very useful information, thanks.
    The use of a woodburning stove is an interesting choice for an environmentally friendly home.

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