Friday Links.


Friday links.

The Bootyful Game. What if football was played by beautiful girls rather than funny looking men?

FiveThingsToKnow wrote a post recently which caught my eye: A guide to choosing a vacuum cleaner. I threw out my old vacuum just the other day. It had lost it’s ability to suck up dust which effectively turned it into a very large, ugly paperweight. A lot of people seem to recommend Dyson vacuum cleaners. I’m not that bothered as long as it sucks!

Iggy Pop’s rider. “We need one (1) monitor man who speaks good English and is not affraid of death…”

Another stupid tattoo (see previous stupid tattoo post) this time of Patrick Swayze. As a centaur. With a rainbow. Obviously.

Scientists have created a map that shows the differences among smells, potentially enabling odors to be digitized and transferred with computers. At last, one step closer to smell-o-vision!


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