Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi


Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi

As of today Starbucks will offer its customers a little something extra along with their daily cup. In a bid to underline their reputation as the ‘third place’ (work, home, coffee shop). Starbucks is keen for it’s customers to linger (as long as they’re buying), and they know that what their customers want is internet access.

All those who use their ($5) Starbucks card at least once a month will be able to enjoy 2 hours free Wi-Fi a day in store. This has been seen by many as an attempt to lure back customers who are cutting down on their spending on coffee due to the worsening economic situation. Brad Stevens, vice president of customer relationships has said:

“Customers have let us know they want to be recognized for choosing Starbucks. Particularly at a time when budgets are tight.”

This comes not long after Starbucks reintroduced a modified version of their original logo to celebrate the release of their retro Pike Blend Roast.

Photo by Csaba Bajko.


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