New Google Favicon


New Google Favicon

Google’s new favicon (the little square icon shown on browser tabs and in favourites folders) has caused quite a stir. Well about as much of a stir as a 16×16 pixel image can. The old Google icon was a nice upper case ‘G’ as seen here:

new and old Google favicons

The new icon has been designed to work well on internet enabled phones as well as normal browsers.

“We recognized there was a need for a Google icon that would better work across multiple applications including web, mobile and client applications. We felt the small ‘g’ had many of the characteristics that best represent our brand: it’s simple, playful, and unique. We will be looking to improve and enhance this icon as we move forward.”

More than 300 different logos were designed before the lowercase ‘g’ was chosen. Some people have pointed out that the favicon looks like the infinity symbol ∞. Perhaps this can be seen as a sign of Google’s attempt to index an ever increasing number of pages. Or pehaps their attempt at world domination!

Google Favicons

Those of us who use Firefox can install a Greasemonkey script to restore the old logo here.


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