Foxhayes Garage Exeter: Idiot of the week.


Foxhayes Garage Exeter: Idiot of the week.

This weeks idiot is the owner of Foxhayes Garage in Exwick, Exeter. Whilst most petrol stations in Exeter had run out of petrol he still has some supplies. Seeing that people where desperate for fuel and didn’t have a lot of other options he raised his prices. The record braking price he decided on was £1.99 a litre!

For any American readers who may think that they are paying a lot for ‘gas’ this works out at $17.5 a gallon. The normal price here in the UK is more like £1.13 a litre, which is plenty thank you very much. The owner (who shall remain nameless) claimed that this price hike was in order to ration the petrol as people were panic buying. I can think of a few other ways of rationing the remaining fuel such as having a maximum purchase limit, but apparently this way doesn’t screw people out of their hard earned cash.

Foxhayes garage

In fairness it’s up to him to set his prices and up to us to choose whether we want to pay them or not. I don’t want to pay that much so I just didn’t buy any fuel as I have the luxury of not having to use my car. All I know is that I wouldn’t ever buy anything from that garage even though he has put the price back down.

One area man said

‘It’s just greedy profiteering. It’s outrageously high – it’s atrocious. It’s clearly an attempt to take advantage of the fuel shortage.’

Searching Google for Foxhayes Garage Exeter I found a less than favourable review so I think it’s fair to say that people are not keen to visit this garage now. Personally I think it’s a great idea, I’ve been scouring Job Sites and Recruitment agencies looking for jobs at petrol stations, this time next year I’ll be a millionaire!

Fuel prices graph


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