BT Digital Vault


BT Digital Vault

Anyone who has experienced a computer meltdown in the past will understand the importance of backing up. These days we store vast quantities of digital bits and pieces on our computers including photos, videos and music. As these gigabites of space fill up the chances of loosing it all seem to increase. To avoid hearing one of the most infuriating questions know to man (“Don’t you back up?!”) it is best to regularly make sure your files are safe.

All this is why BT has created their Digital Vault Backup Software. This is a online system which allows you to simply backup your files online. The system has been designed to be easy to use and even allows you to automatically back up for ease of use. backup files accepted include:

  • Photos and photo albums
  • Your favourite playlists
  • Multimedia files from digital cameras and mp3 players
  • Essential documents
  • Video clips

These files are stored off your computer which means that in the event of a crash all your memories are safe and can be downloaded back to your computer. Backup storage is very important and will become increasingly so as we integrate our lives with technology more and more.

Two options are available: BT Digital Vault 5GB and Digital Vault Plus 50GB (which includes the auto backup system). For more information visit BT’s Digital Vault page.


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