Should we be allowed to nap at work?


Should we be allowed to nap at work?

Did you know that it is National Siesta Day today? Finally we all have an excuse for falling asleep at our desks (as if the crushing monotony wasn’t a good enough excuse). A 10-20 minute power nap has been proven to increase productivity by 30%. The only other time productivity increases that much is when the boss’ boss visits. The idea of a Siesta or afternoon nap originates in hot countries where it is a welcome diversion from the intense heat.

Personally I’m not sure if I could nap at work, I can barely even nap at home. I’m willing to give it a try however, for the sake of productivity. My girlfriend is a much better napper than I am, she has normally fallen asleep by 10.30 pm (this may have something to do with my conversational skills).

“The short nap is an effective tool in helping us to be more healthy, alert and productive in the afternoon. Potentially it can help reduce the risk of illness and accidents, relieving some pressure on the NHS. In short, it’s really good for us.”

Noel Kingsley, founder of Siesta Awareness.

The Siesta Awareness site includes some useful hints on napping such as: 3. Close your eyes. This may well be where I was going wrong. Seeing as my workplace has rejected my ideas about afternoon and morning naps I have been looking into landing my dream job, bed tester. I am willing to test beds for sleepability and any other uses that may spring to mind. Having searched various Job sites and Recruitment agencies I have yet to find any vacancies.

Garfield napping


2 Responses to “Should we be allowed to nap at work?”

  1. My answer is YES!!!
    The studies and facts all point to YES as well!!
    Why couldn’t a nap be part of or instead of a lunch break? It’s not like it would be disturbing anyone…unless somebody happened to be a really loud snorer!!

  2. I would rather leave work early than sleep in the office. Having said that some mornings I could do with an extra hour or two…

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