Kitten rescued using Vacuum cleaner.


Kitten rescued using Vacuum cleaner.

Alvin the kitten had a difficult first day. Only 6 hours after being born Alvin from Dunbar, East Lothian he found himself trapped in a pipe under the sink of his owner Claire Coutts’ house. Alvin, who had yet to learn what a pipe is thought it was worth a quick exploration only to find himself stuck fast.

The Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service not being the type of people to under react sent two fire engines and eight firefighters. Using a vibrascope camera they located the pussy and began preparations to remove the floorboards to gain better access to the pipe. Suddenly Claire had an idea:

“I said to them there must be an easier way to get the kitten out than destroying my kitchen so we decided to get the Hoover out and see if we could suck it out the hole. We put a sock over the end of the Hoover, stuck it down the hole and out it popped.”

Reports that all fire stations are to be given custom built Dyson vacuum cleaners with special cat grabbing Dyson parts are as yet unconfirmed.



One Response to “Kitten rescued using Vacuum cleaner.”

  1. I believe diferrent because my family use another model.It’s relaxing and save power.But next vacuum I am going to think of this as vacuum which you present.Appreciate!!!

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