Moving out


Moving out

Anyone who actually pays attention to this blog (it’s a long shot) will know that I have been homeless for months now. Not literally homeless but alternating between my parents and my gf’s parents. We are doing this whilst we wait for our new landlord to move out so that we can move in. The positive side to all of this is that we have saved a lot of money by not paying rent. The negative side should be obvious to anyone who has parents.

As I mentioned before we were trying to look at flats which had conservatories or a garden so that we had some outside space. Well calling it a garden may be pushing it a bit but we have some french doors to a patio and double glazing so it’s a definite improvement on the last place!

The new flat has a little more space than the last one so my girlfriend has decided that a trip to Ikea is in order. I suspect she will take a very active role in deciding what we buy but will be nowhere to be found when it comes to assembling it all. The last thing I built was a bed which took me about 10 hours so wish me luck!


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  1. 1 hautepocket

    My boyfriend also assembles my IKEA items, whereas I simply pick them out for us. Congrats on the new place! I know how stressful it is to be without one!

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