Giles Coren’s Rant at The Times.


Giles Coren’s Rant at The Times.

Giles Coren is my idiot of the week yet again. Last time he was slagging off the Great British Breakfast, this time he has lashed out in an email at the editors at The Times for editing. Seems strange as this is their job but Mr Coren seems to think that his words are precious like those of Shakespeare or Katie Price.

Mr Coren describes the work of the editors as “shit, shit sub-editing” and goes on to detail the many ways in which his fine words were ruined. The letter which was posted on the Guardian site (see link below) details how Giles’ joke about ‘noshing’ was removed:

the joke is gone. I only wrote that sodding paragraph to make that joke. And you’ve fucking stripped it out like a pissed Irish plasterer restoring a renaissance fresco and thinking jesus looks shit with a bear so plastering over it. You might as well have removed the whole paragraph. I mean, fucking christ, don’t you read the copy?

Did he just compare himself to a renaissance fresco painter? Is this the same man who does food reviews? Who made a joke about noshing?! I think it was Will Self who said that you should never trust anyone who is too obsessed with food, after all it is just shit waiting to happen. Also isn’t it a bit racist to refer to an Irish plasterer specifically?

I think Giles Coren needs to relax with a nice microwave meal and learn how to discuss his issues without so much swearing. There are 15 uses of the F word in Giles’ letter to the Guardian, perhaps he sould have had someone edit it for him.

Giles Coren’s letter to the Times.


7 Responses to “Giles Coren’s Rant at The Times.”

  1. 1 E.P.

    To you I say, hyperbole! Giles Coran is just employing it for comic effect. We at work laughed anyway

  2. 2 E.P.

    Coren even

  3. 3 haute.pocket

    Haha. Too funny. People like this make me feel like a rocket scientist.

  4. 4 boot

    giles is hot hot hot!

  5. 5 Cathal

    I think what he said about the Irish was incredibly ignorant.

    For example if i was to generalise, and say his shows were as entertaining as a Greedy Jewish Banker(Hes Jewish), I would be shunned as an anti-semite.

    You can tell how incredibly ignorant he is on his opinions on Polish emigration or the Polish (Or Polacks as he calls them)in general.

  6. 6 kate

    Giles is brilliant and the rant is genuis.

    Rather be passionate about detail than not even read your article through before posting.. as you did..

    ‘There are 15 uses of the F word in Giles’ letter to the Guardian, perhaps he sould have had someone edit it for him.’

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