Search terms, how coffee should taste and Natalie Portman naked.


Search terms, how coffee should taste and Natalie Portman naked.

I always read Charlie Brooker’s column on the Guardian site for a bit of light relief. When I feel like the whole world has gone mad and I’m the only one who notices it along comes Mr Brooker ranting away and pointing out the stupidity around us. Mr Brooker was recently given an image after a MRI scan which he kept because:

it makes perfect desktop wallpaper. Now, every time I minimise a window, I catch sight of my innards and contemplate death. This keeps me vibrant and alive and characteristically cheerful.

When I saw the title of Charlie’s latest article I suspected that the Guardian site had been hacked. The title was “Online POKER marketing could spell the NAKED end of VIAGRA journalism as we LOHAN know it.” Turns out that journalists and respectable newspapers (and not so respectable ones) are encouraged to included terms which are likely be routinely searched for.

The most popular search terms which bring browsers to this very blog are “new starbucks logo“, “giles coren” and “ashley dupre“. Some people enter some pretty horrifying terms such as “what to talk to people about”, can you imagine the level of desperation necessary to use this site as conversation fodder? Is there any hope for the person who asked google “should expresso taste bad?” (the answer is yes but espresso should taste great). In fact a lot of people want to know how coffee should taste.

Perhaps I need to crowbar in some search bait around here? I can safely say that I have never seen Natalie Portman naked, I do not know where to get free ipod wallpapers or free mp3 downloads, shame. I suspect that a few people on my blogroll may have written posts designed to appear for some risqué terms: Kylie’s pants anyone? Or Megan Fox in a Star Wars t-shirt? (one for the geeks). Personally I would not stoop to such levels.


3 Responses to “Search terms, how coffee should taste and Natalie Portman naked.”

  1. A very insightful post, thank you. I will suggest you for Blog of the Year.

  2. 2 haute.pocket

    You’re funny. Keep writing! I’m looking forward to going through the archives.

  3. Informative,interesting and funny.You have a very unique way of writing. keep up the good work,will be checking you up again.

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