Can you afford your lifestyle?


Can you afford your lifestyle?

There seems to be two approaches to coping with financial pressures. These methods are used by those of us who are ‘feeling the pinch‘ as it is often referred to in the media. When your lifestyle becomes difficult to maintain you have two choices (although perhaps there is a third). You can either change your lifestyle to suit your budget or carry on regardless. Those who appear to have plenty of money either do (duh) or are secretly crippled by debt.

The other half of people have been forced to reprioritse what is important to them and take a long hard look at their spending. These are the people who become ‘frugal‘ and spend hours working out how to shave pennies off of their food bills. Perhaps these two approaches are less common than they seem, it is after all the extremes are what catch our attention.

As with most things perhaps a balance is what is needed. Obviously there are areas where we can all cut back in exchange for a bit of money making it until the end of the month. Similarly borrowing money is not nessesaraly a unwise thing to do. The avaliablity of 0% credit cards and free balance transfers can help us to be more wise with our money. In the end what is probably best is to keep control of your situation, knowing where your money us going and how best to cut down where possible.


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