Learning a trade


Learning a trade

With the BBC predicting that “unemployment will rise by between 250,000 and 300,000 in the next 18 months to two years” the hunt for sustainable jobs is more relevant than ever. Many large companies are feeling the pressure of the credit crunch (try a bowl of credit crunch, fills you up until lunch time!) and are trying to reduce costs to prepare for a possible recession. Retail businesses in particular are staring to struggle as people reduce their unnecessary spending. A cold wet summer hasn’t done much to help either.

With this in mind some people are considering skilled jobs as a way of having a trade for life. Plumbing is now being seen as a more desirable career. In fact some people are leaving office jobs in order to retrain as plumbers. Financial Times columnist Tim Harford has suggested that the cost of hiring a plumber has remain high because the job cannot be made any more efficient.

With degrees being seen as commonplace and the cost of attending university rising apprentiships are increasingly being regarded as a wise move career wise. In fact the gap in earning between those with and without a degree is shrinking.

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