Do Bad Carpets Make People Gamble More?


Do Bad Carpets Make People Gamble More?

Have you ever noticed that Casinos always have bright, gaudy carpets? They tend to have swirling patterns of clashing colours which have never been considered tasteful. We all know why you wont find a clock in the Circus Circus but why the crappy carpets?

Here are some possible answers:

  • To keep your eye line up where the action is.
  • To produce a wild, hyper real atmosphere.
  • To stimulate people who may be getting tired and thinking of quitting.
  • To hide stains.
  • To not get old. If they are never in fashion they will never go out of fashion.
  • To produce a sense of vibrancy and action.

Has this attempt at subliminally effecting the action of potential gamblers been passed on to online gambling? A cursory glance at a few online casinos would suggest not. Perhaps sites offering online poker should have bright, gaudy backgrounds?


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