Itunes Genius Playlist Generator


Itunes Genius Playlist Generator

Itunes version 8.0 features a new peice of software designed to autonmaticlly create playlist of similar sounding music. The new feature is called (with characteristic modesty) Genius. So far the feedback has mostly suggested that it is incorrectly named.

Those who have already downloaded Itunes 8 can try out the feature for themselves. When a song is playing, click on the Genius icon which looks like this:

Itunes then picks out other supposededly similar songs from your collection which might go together well. Persuamly this is based on the Genre tag and the tempo of the song.

I would be able to tell you how well it copes with Venietian Snares or Naplam Death but I don’t have a Itunes store account. That’s right folks, you need an account in order to use this new feature. I only use Itunes for it’s Podcast handleing skills as I have a brain to think for myself and therefore I have a proper mp3 player not an Ipod. (Oh how I love to insults vast sections of society at once).

So far those who have tried out Genius and then gone on to blog about it (not a very fair test) have found it a bit unreliable: Itunes Genius blog search.

The Genius sidebar also analyses your musical taste and suggests songs you might like. The difference is that the sidebar suggests song you might like to buy rather than songs you already own.

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3 Responses to “Itunes Genius Playlist Generator”

  1. sounds good — I like it, although I’d still rather make a playlist myself. Its kind of unreliable, as you mentioned.


  2. 2 Jack Bauer

    It doesn’t even do anything. It basically gives you a list of songs by the same artist, that you either have or don’t have. And if you don’t have it, it gives you a link to buy it. It’s a scam. It has nothing to do with how it sounds, it just tricks you into possibly buying more songs,

  3. 3 abc

    you suck, it works perfect

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