Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking

You can probably access your Bank account in several different ways. Online banking has taken off in a big way in recent years and most banks offer this service. You can even use telephone banking if you don’t have regular access to the internet. Now there may be another way to keep your finances in order: via your mobile phone.

Mobile updates on the balance of your account have been available for some time now. This services is sometimes offered in conjunction with Online saving accounts. Soon mobile banking will become more sophisticated allowing you to actually transfer your funds to other accounts.

A study by Lloyds TSB has discovered that 60% of internet banking users would like to be able to monitor their money through their mobile phone. The ability to organize your Current account whilst out and about would certainly be useful. As mobile phones begin to be able to display traditional webpages (following the IPhone’s lead) the need for banking by SMS message may vanish however.


2 Responses to “Mobile Banking”

  1. That’s something to bear in mind for us wanderers – if only my balance looked attractive when it arrived.

  2. I believe inspite of its advantages one must be very careful.

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