No need to go ‘offline’.


I’ve just read that young people in the UK spend 34 hours online each week. This seems like a lot especially when you consider that their parents spent 0 hours a week online. I can remember back as far as dial up (back in the bad old days) when it would take you 34 hours to load a basic website. We are the first generation to grow up online and I wonder what effect this will have. Other than the inability to communicate or function in the real world probably not much. Actually we must benefit greatly from being connected. We can communicate with people from all over the world and we have a platform to make our voices heard. We can also share photos of kittens!

In the future the Internet we probably wont think about logging on as we will be permanently connected via a multitude of devices. In fact that is possible now. For instance with Three you can have a pay as you go mobile broadband connection without a phone line. 3g mobile phones already mean that we can connect when we are on the move meaning we don’t need to ever be offline.

I have a 3g enabled mobile phone and I love having Google at my fingertips. Being able to use Google Maps with gps positioning is very handy. As well as this you can look up prices of things online whilst in shops to see if it is any cheaper online!


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