We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday…


Its that time of year again: the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting extreme and the cold become more frequent. As I look out of the window at rain soaked passers by I recall my summer holidays and the strange sensation of being warm. I think ahead to the summer and the possibility of getting away for a few weeks. The chances are that if I leave the country the weather will be glorious here and where ever I end up will have the worst summer in living memory.

Still, thinking about where to go is exciting after all the possibilities are many and varied. My girlfriend enjoys lounging around in the sun so Spain seems like a natural choice, I’ve never been and it’s not too far so flights aren’t too expensive. I get bored of sitting on the beach so I’ve been looking at what else we can do if I can convince her to get off the sun lounger. I’ve had a look at car hire in Marbella and it seems like a good option, lots to explore inland and away from the majority of the tourists.

I have also always wanted to go to Switzerland, particularly in the summer. I would like to go paragliding from the mountains although I might not have the guts for that. Apparently Geneva is worth a visit, judging by the photos I have seen it is very picturesque.


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