Idiot of the Week: Nick Griffin


We all know that Nick Griffin is an idiot, anybody who saw him on Newsnight is aware that he doesn’t have any back up for his vile views and is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic. It will come a a surprise to no one that he has an opinion on climate change and it is dog-do crazy. Spurred on by all the press about the Climate Change Copenhagen Conference he decided it was time to make his feelings on the subject known.

Griffin believes that global warming is a “hoax” perpetrated by the elite to justify excessive taxes. He doesn’t have a lot of scientific evidence to back up this view but he really believes it. Griffin also believes that being white, male and British makes you superior to other people which is a coincidence because he is white, male and British!

“It is a crime against humanity which in future will be seen as an enormous man-made famine. Under Stalin 20 million people died, under Chairman Mao 30 million died. This will be the third and the greatest famine of the modern era and I regard that as a crime.”

The most telling line of the article about Griffin was the following: “Mr Griffin has no official role at the conference but will be speaking to delegates in an attempt to ‘stop the juggernaut'”. Roughly translated I think this means that he is crashing the conference in the hopes of finding someone daft enough to listen to him. He should be careful, I’ve heard there are forrins in Copenhagen.


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