Gourmet Holidays in France


I have been looking for summer holiday ideas as a method of banishing the post-Christmas blues. When it is gray and wet outside it is nice to look at brochures and online for holiday inspiration, if you look at sunny summer photos for long enough you can even forget about how cold you are and the fact that it is dark at 4pm. We are thinking of traveling in Europe so that we can avoid flight costs and get the channel tunnel so France is an obvious starting point.

I love cooking so the idea of a gourmet holiday has always appealed to me, I’m not interested in wine so I would happily miss out the vineyards and concentrate on the food! There are various different types of Gourmet holidays from those that focus on eating to those where you can improve your cookery skills. You can also combine the foodie elements with other holiday stuff like bike riding, skiing and the aforementioned wine tasting.

There are quite a few companies that specialize in gourmet holidays although it occurs to me that you don’t actually need to pre plan everything. If, like me, you prefer a less structured holiday you can just organize a few main points and have free time to explore and do whatever you decide is best. We have been looking at hotel and camping costs as well as the costs of car hire in France rather than taking ours with us. The benefits of this are that you can get the train to the tunnel then hire a car in Nice or wherever you fancy starting off.

There are lots of (often residential) cookery classes in France aimed at those with a basic knowledge who wish to advance their skills. All the cookery programs on the television over the last few years have put me off chefs though, they very often seem to be aggressive and big headed. As a stand up I recently saw put it “don’t worry mate, it’s only dinner. If it all goes wrong I’ll just buy us a bargain bucket!”.


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