Nike Launches Interactive City Guide App


Douglas Adams’ science fiction classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy featured an interactive guide which was like a Lonely Planet guide for every planet in the universe. Unfortunately the guide has yet to be created (unless you count this) but we do have the internet which contains an awful lot of information about one planet in particular. We also have iPhone apps which can combine GPS, AR (augmented reality) and a web connection to make for a great travel guide.

Nike have just released an App called The True City (iTune link) which contains recommendations from local ‘taste makers’ in each major city. I haven’t actually heard of any of the taste makers I’ve seen yet but I guess that’s because I’m clearly not cool enough. The application uses geo-tagging to create an interactive guide that users can add content to as they travel. I haven’t had a chance to properly explore using the app yet but the interface is slick and it’s getting a lot of good reviews on iTunes.

I’m thinking of traveling to Barcelona (or France) in the summer so I am going to load up my iPod Touch with as many travel apps as I can. The downside of only having an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone is that I will need to find a Wifi connection to use the interactive elements. An app which features more practical information such as the best company for car hire Spain or where to find a good hotel at late notice would work well alongside The True City. Combined with other apps such as the Wallpaper* City Guide Barcelona or Lonely Planet’s Barcelona Guide I think I would be all set.

See the trailer for the Nike The True City Application below:

[VIMEO 8713913]


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