New Fashion Trend: Lingerie As Outerwear


As London Fashion Week draws to a close we can reflect on what we might be wearing over the next 12 months… or we can laugh at fashion people wearing funny clothes. This year there will no doubt be the usual crazy hats and trousers that make you look like you are wearing a nappy but there are also trends which make more sense. Some of the more recent trends seem like they might have been invented by straight men. A good example is wearing leggings (as popularized by American Apparel) as trousers which seemed mad at first but now seems almost normal(ish).

Looking out of the window most women seem to be wearing lots of layers and waterproof coats but in fashion land women are apparently wearing underwear as outerwear. Attention grabbing celebrities appear to have been at the forefront of this new look with Rhianna and Lady Gaga being particularly keen. Cheryl Cole has also been out and about wearing a corset in a desperate bid to seem interesting. Now the trend is becoming increasingly popular to the point where even those who don’t have a new record out might even be seen in it.

So is this a trend that we can expect to see dominating the high street anytime soon? Is it appropriate to wear lingerie to the office and should it be worn over or under dresses? Apparently sales of nipple covers are at an all time high as women try to cover up when not being covered up. According to one expert “Today’s if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it generation is proving that there is nothing like a peak of expensive lingerie to make a woman feel special.” Which makes good sense but wearing it out of doors is perhaps less sensible. Having said that you’ll hear no complaints from me.

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One Response to “New Fashion Trend: Lingerie As Outerwear”

  1. Hmmm . . . maybe in my younger years. LOL!

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