Air Stewardesses Brawl Blamed for Cancelled Flight


Catching a flight can be a stressful task as anyone who has ever watched ‘Airline’ will know. The combination of the risk of missing your flight or forgetting your passport and the perceived risk of going down in flames is enough to put anybody on edge. Even though we know that air travel is much safer than the drive to the airport we often find that catching a flight is the most stressful part of going on holiday. People often do the airport dance which involves stopping every few minutes to pat down each pocket in quick succession until they find their passport.

It seems that this stress can also be a problem for the normally unflappable members to the airplane crew. A distressed air hostess is not a good sign, although seeing them agitated before a flight must be better than a look of panic crossing their face half way over a large body of water. We are used to the hostesses remaining calm and in control and acting with dignity at all times (although there have been some exceptions). A recent flight from Rochester NY to Atlanta had to be evacuated after two air hostess came to blows after an argument broke out. The pilot ordered everyone off the plane and the flight was canceled much to the displeasure of the travelers on board.

If I were on board I would be demanding a full refund, missing a flight can cause many problems including missed connections, car rental pick ups (if you miss your car hire in Spain you might find yourself pushing the limits of your Spanish to get another one…) and lost luggage. If you miss a flight due to technical problems you can’t complain because your safety is important but to miss a flight due to scrapping stewardesses is enough to put anyone in a bad mood.

It is clear that air travel has changed a lot since the first days of commercial aviation particularly with the recent development of low cost airlines. Flying now seems a lot less special than it used to be (although I’m still amazed to be flying through the air at 500 mph). Perhaps we should return to the days when people dressed up to fly, wearing their best suit rather than tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. In addition to this flight attendants will have to hand out Martinis and refrain from punching each other until after they have left the plane.


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