Nike True City App: London


Previously I wrote about how Nike had lauched an iPhone App called True City. The application features recommendations from local ‘tastemakers’ and content added by users. It covers 6 European cities, listing interesting places to visit which might otherwise be overlooked. The idea is that the guide is written by those in the know and can be constantly updated unlike traditional guide books. There app features small restaurants, cool boutique shops, non-chain coffee shops and independant record stores.

At the time of writing the previous post I hadn’t had the opportunity to test out the App but I recently traveled to London and put it through its paces. I go to London quite often and thought that I had quite a good knowledge of places to visit. Using the App I found that there were interesting shops and restaurants hidden away where I would have never found them. Using the True City app was quite straight forward, you just click on the area of the city you are in and scroll (or flick) through the recommendations. If something captures your interest you can save it to your list of l0cations. The areas of interest can be organized by type or by location and you can of course add your own suggestions.

There are ways in which the Nike True City Application could be improved, for instance it could have setting which allow you to be notified if you went within a short distance of a location you might be interested in. For example you could set the app to notify you if you passed any of the recommended independent coffee shops. Another useful feature would be to include transport information which may be useful to visitors. For example Nike could partner with a travel site to include information about flights to London or train times out of the city.

Perhaps the app doesn’t need more features, I’m sure as it matures and new content is added it will improve. There are plenty of travel related iPhone apps but most are not as slick as True City. It also feels like it has been updated by those in the know rather than out of touch travel writers. If you have used this (or, in fact any other travel related) app please add your comments below.


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