‘Ice Dubai’ to offer ski mountain and winter wildlife park


According to Travel Weekly Dubai is set to open a travel resort called ‘Ice Dubai’ which will feature “the world’s largest ice hotel, a manmade snow-capped mountain and a winter park full of Antarctic animals”. Unfortunately this is (clearly) an April fools day joke. The weird thing is that I wouldn’t actually be at all surprised if they built a ‘winter wildlife park’ in Dubai, they already have a place called Ski Dubai so its not that far fetched.

They even have an archipelago of man made islands built to look like the world from above so they are quite into ridiculously over-the-top displays of wealth. Having a winter sports themed resort in such a hot country would be difficult to achieve but it would be one hell of an attraction!

I’m glad I looked at the calendar and saw that it was April the 1st, I was just strapping on my ice skates and trying to book a flight to Dubai. I would have been so annoyed to get there and find that they didn’t have a giant man made mountain covered in Antarctic animals.


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