Navy Steps in to Return Britons Stranded Abroad by Volcanic Ash


For five days British airspace has been on lock down with no jet powered passenger planes able to fly. The clouds of Volcanic ash billowing out of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano in Iceland have been judged to be too dangerous to fly through. A North Westerly wind continues to blow the ash over the UK to mainland Europe.

Many Britons are unable to take planned holidays and airports have been deserted. Those who have traveled to Europe or further afield now find themselves stranded with no way home. Those who can have used alternative methods of travel such as ferries or trains with the Eurostar increasing the frequency of their cross-channel route.

Car hire has also been effected by the lack of flights, with many of those who had vehicles booked unable to collect them. It’s not all bad news for car rental firms however as people are attempting to travel across land when their flights have been canceled. Car hire in Alicante and other popular areas of Spain are reporting increased interest.

Royal Navy ships are to be put to use rescuing stranded British holidaymakers from mainland Europe. HMS Ark Royal and HMS Ocean are heading towards the English channel in order to ferry passengers back to the UK. The Ark Royal is an aircraft carrier and HMS Ocean is an assault ship both of which can carry large numbers of passengers.

The HMS Albion is also involved although it’s passengers will no doubt be in more of a hurry to get back to Blightly than those stranded in luxury holiday resorts. The Albion will bring home 220 troops from 3rd Battalion, The Rifles who have been serving in Afghanistan.


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