The 5 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia


Australia has a reputation for having beautiful weather, beaches that go on for miles and a laid back atmosphere. It is one of the top locations for traveler from the UK many of whom know someone who has emigrated to Australia.

It’s not all sun, sand and BBQs however – Australia has some of the most deadly animals on the planet. So before you book a flight to Sydney here is a handy cut out and keep guide to the creatures worth avoiding in Oz.

1. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

The Box Jellyfish is perhaps the most notorious off all Jellyfish thanks to its very powerful venom. It is prevalent off the coast of Australia where it terrorises swimmers who cross its path. The Box Jellyfish’s sting is said to by extremely painful and can result in lifelong scars. If stung you should seek immediate medical attention as the venom can be fatal.

2. Red Back Spider

Red Back Spider

The Red Back is the king of all Australian spiders. Despite its body only being the size of a Pea the Red Back has a fearsome reputation. Every year thousands of people are bitten by the spider although surprisingly, most do not require medical attention. The Red Back’s venom causes severe pain but rarely death.

3. Brown Snake

Brown Snake

Seven out of the 10 most venomous snakes in the world live in Australia. That sentence alone is probably enough to strike fear into the hearts of Ophidiophobes. Luckily most of these snakes are shy and are unlikely to bite anyone who takes precautions (such as wearing protective footwear). The Brown snake grows up to 2.3 meters long and its venom can kill.

4. Great White Shark

Great White Shark

This isn’t technically one of the most dangerous animals in Australia in terms of number of attacks but when a Great White does attack it tends to do a lot of damage. The Great White or Carcharodon carcharias are usually between 2.5 – 5 meters long. They have several rows of serrated teeth which rip through flesh with ease.

5. Stone Fish

Stone Fish

The Stone Fish may have a rather uninspired name but it does have the most dangerous venom of any fish in the world. It looks like a rock but has 13 spines which can be stepped on by unfortunate bathers. The Stone Fish’s venom causes shock, paralysis and eventually tissue death. If you’re lucky you will just experience extreme pain and wont have to have your foot amputated.

Remember: attacks by these animals are very rare and if you take proper precautions you can avoid them. There are a lot of people in Australia so these creatures obviously aren’t working their way through the population at any great speed!


One Response to “The 5 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia”

  1. Hi Thomas. There’s no doubt that the brown snake is bloody dangerous, but the Taipan is MORE dangerous. Most snakes are shy and will seek to avoid humans, but the Taipan (there is a Coastal and an Inland variety) is far more agressive. It will actually chase a human to make them flee the area. Also, where most snakes will strike once and then flee, Taipans will actively seek to strike over and over again – around 3 to 5 times per attack.

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