Exploring Paris In a 2CV


I’m traveling to Paris at the end of the month so I asked a French friend of mine what he recommends I visit whilst in the City of Light. He suggested the usual stuff (The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, countless restaurants etc) as well as saying that I should hire a car and explore the city by road. I was a bit surprised by this because when I visit London I tend to only travel on the Underground and I thought that Paris was relatively compact. Also Paris has a reputation for some pretty crazy traffic which doesn’t usually make for a relaxing holiday. Apparently Parisian traffic is an unmissable part of the Paris experience and offers the best way to see the city.

He also mentioned that you can hire a Citroen 2CV in Paris complete with a driver to give you a guided tour of the city. If you aren’t familiar with the 2CV just think of a less reliable looking French version of the Volkswagen Beetle. The tours last between 1 hour and all day and are conducted by genuine (presumably crazy) Parisian drivers. The idea of hiring a car with a driver, whilst a bit indulgent, makes sense if you want a guided tour. Its quite expensive though so if you are planning on driving for more than a few hours you will need to track down a car hire company and ask for “Location de voiture“.

Citroen 2CV in Paris


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