The Cheapest Country to Travel to from the UK is…


A recent survey has looked into the price of travel from the UK and compared it with the perceived cost making some dramatic discoveries. The survey looked into the cost of travel to 30 countries from blighty including the cost of flights. The overall cost was calculated by looking at the prices of typical holiday expenses such as a hotel stay, a meal, car rental and a cup of coffee. What is surprising (but perhaps shouldn’t be) is that the less well developed countries are not necessarily the cheapest.

Perceived country cost ranking
Actual country cost ranking
1. Sweden 1. France
2. Norway 2. Switzerland
3. Switzerland 3. Denmark
4. Denmark 4. Brazil
5. Dubai 5. Russia
6. Iceland 6. Japan
7. Japan 7. Italy
8. Italy 8. Spain
9. France 9. Iceland
10. Germany 10. Mexico
11. Australia 11. Canada
12. New Zealand 12. Dubai
13. Canada 13. Sweden
14. Cyprus 14. Germany
15. South Africa 15. Croatia
16. Russia 16. Australia
17. Greece 17. USA
18. Portugal 18. Norway
19. Spain 19. Portugal
20. USA 20. Turkey
21. Brazil 21. Poland
22. Dominican Republic 22. New Zealand
23. Croatia 23. India
24. Egypt 24. Egypt
25. Poland 25. Thailand
26. Turkey 26. Morocco
27. Mexico 27. Dominican Republic
28. Morocco 28. South Africa
29. Thailand 29. Greece
30. India 30. Cyprus

As you can see the survey ranks France as the most expensive place to visit from the UK which is surprising considering the distances involved, the cheapest place to visit is actually Cyprus. It seems that  flights, hotel accommodation and car hire in Cyprus is cheaper than in Russia! This is partly to do with location and demand I would imagine, not many people travel to Russia so the airlines can charge more due to lack of competition.

Flag of Cyprus

It is interesting how our we incorrectly perceive the costs of traveling to certain countries. I would never have thought that traveling across the channel to France could be more expensive than a trip to Dubai.


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