New Car Insurance Laws Could Be Harsh


New laws are being considered by the government, which would make it illegal to keep a car without car insurance, are expected to be unveiled within the next few days. But sceptics fear that innocent motorists may get caught out too easily.

Abandoned car

The new rules, originally part of the Road Safety Act 2006, are designed to tackle the increasing problem of people who drive without car insurance. Under the changes, it will be illegal to own a car without insurance, meaning that even those not driving their cars could be fined if they forget to fill out a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

But a spokesman for the AA believes that this could backfire, punishing innocent motorists instead of those guilty of driving without insurance.

“This could hit people who happen to be away or who are in hospital when their car insurance is up for renewal. At the same time this will not deal with the sort of people who are not recorded at all by the DVLA.”

A SORN must be made in a number of circumstances, including when drivers decide not to re-insure vehicles, when buying a car and deciding not to tax it, if a car is to be kept off road when owners are abroad. It must also be renewed every 12 months. But more frequently, harsh economic times are leading more people to avoid the extra cost of running a car if it is unessential to their daily routines, in order to claw back some much needed cash. It is these people that would have to be extra careful under the new laws.



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