No Travel Insurance?



OK, so this is the the scenario: you are abroad, you either decided that travel insurance was a waste of money or the cover you have doesn’t go as far as you would hope, and you end up in hospital.  You might be excused for thinking that you would be pretty much on your own in that situation.  Actually you pretty much are, but after you get back to Blighty you may be able to take action.

Getting ill or being injured abroad can be an expensive old business.  This is true even if you are patched up in time to enjoy the rest of your holiday.  If you end up having to miss work after you get back, or have your stay in foreign lands extended the cost can increase exponentially.  If it is not your own stupid fault you ended up in the predicament you can actually seek compensation, even though the incidents concerned happened in foreign parts.

Dealing with foreign legal systems to seek compensation is an understandably daunting process.  What you may not realize however is that under a number of circumstances the case for compensation can actually be brought through British courts under UK law.  Mostly the kinds of case where this would be a UK tour operator was implicated.

Although UK law typically allows for more generous payouts than are provided by overseas courts, compensation can still be sought through the courts of other countries.  There are actually solicitors based in the UK who retain staff that are knowledgeable about foreign law to facilitate clients in making claims for accidents abroad.

All sorts of things can be the basis of a successful claim.  One of the more common hazards abroad are road traffic accidents, regrettably the roads of many countries are more perilous than in the UK.  Accidents occurring in hotels and apartments and on cruise ships can sometimes result in compensation being awarded.  Even the perennial worry of the British traveler food poisoning can be litigated for.


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